Monday, April 10, 2006

1 Simple SEO Strategy To Get More Visitors To Your Site From Google by Jean Lam

1 Simple SEO Strategy To Get More Visitors To Your Site From Google by Jean Lam: "Simple SEO Strategy To Get More Visitors To Your Site From Google - By Jean Lam
1 Simple SEO Strategy To Get More Visitors To Your Site From Google by: Jean Lam Did you know that you can dramatically increase the number of visitors that come to your site on a daily basis from Google? And it's not constantly improving your position in Google search engine result pages(SERPs) for your competitive keywords which can take some time after working on your search engine marketing campaigns. I take this example from Google because I've experienced it some time back now. Apart concentrating on getting and maintaining a top 10 ranking in Google, there are lots of easy traffic sources that you haven't exploited yet. We are still talking about search engine traffic here. What's that strategy you ask? The answer might surprise you but it's a technique that works and is pretty legitimate. It's not creating stand alone or doorway pages with practically no content, overly optimized with keywords and a link back to the homepage. Doorway pages work but only if you know how to do it well. And this article will talk a bit about this topic as well. The strategy is to search for overlooked keyword phrases which are not too competitive and create effective doorway pages related to these keyword phrases. These pages can be promoting a product for instance. Just by adding a few effective doorway pages, I managed to make 9 sales in just a few short weeks and earned $364.59. Imagine you come up with several keyword phrases that generate a few monthly searches, you now have several pages. So each page targeting a specific keyword phrase is worth traffic and not any type of traffic but it will be targeted. So if you have one page which brings you only 1 visitor per "

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Search for credit cards

Search for credit cards: "Today, selecting the proper credit card can be a bit confusing to say the least. There are literally hundreds of offers from the major institutions eagerly competing for your business. The easiest way to shop for a credit card is to break them down into categories. There are seven major categories that all credit cards fall into. Each category is listed and explained below. Once you identify the proper category, simply narrow down the offers to the ones that best suite your particular needs and lifestyle."

Mortgages - The Complete Guide

Mortgages - The Complete Guide: "In the mortgage business there are two foundational areas of involvement. One is the position of 'loan officer,' the other is working as a 'broker.' The loan officer for the most part earns from what is called 'personal production,' which means you are earning from what you are able to personally produce by bringing mortgage business into your employer's office. In some cases you may be paid a base salary and/or draw, but then you will be paid less in commissions by the company (broker) you are working for. "

Health and Fitness - Simple Steps To A Healthy Lifestyle!

Health and Fitness - Simple Steps To A Healthy Lifestyle!: "Every person can improve their health if they follow these five guidelines: Be optimistic, eat right, exercise, sleep well, and find purpose for your life. Follow these and you will become healthier, happier, and more productive.
First, put away fear and worry and find joy. There are health professionals who recommend not watching or listening to the news. Reading the daily newspaper in the morning starts your day off on a negative path. The news brings you crisis after crisis, tearing you down."

Marriage & Wedding Information - Marriage-Wedding

Marriage & Wedding Information - Marriage-Wedding: "Marriage & Wedding Information
A Summer Wedding
THE sunshine had come out to ensure the wedding of footballer Benji and his wife-to-be Sabine had the perfect backdrop.
How to Enhance and Enrich Your Marriage
Any marriage counselor will tell you that one of the most common problems observed when couples come for help is poor communication skills. People get into trouble in their marriages because they have not developed their ability to listen and communicate.
Planning Your Wedding - How To Get Organized
You have purchased the latest bridal magazines from your local grocery store and there are pages and pages of photos of beautiful wedding gowns, rings and articles on weddings. Some give you a brief idea of what you need to do to plan your wedding, but you?re still not sure how to begin the process. "

Computers And Internet Links and Articles

Computers And Internet Links and Articles: "Building a useable website can seem daunting. Here is a quick guideline to help you on your way.1.It�s all about your contentTo get your website listed appropriately the content of your website needs to be nested between the tags. This way it.... >>"

* Welcome to The Business Resources Directory *

* Welcome to The Business Resources Directory *: "The Business Resources Directory is a collection of the best and most popular articles available today on the internet. Carefully selected into eight different categories, ranging from business and computers, through to education and parenting issues. This website contains thousands of articles from well known authors and offers tips and advice on many interesting and important topics."